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Why Do You Need A Adelaide Property Valuers Real Estate Appraisal?

As for the sale and purchase, the seller needs to understand at what cost the Adelaide Property Valuers apartment can be sold, and the buyer needs to make sure that the price is not artificially high and corresponds to the market price.

If two people decide to exchange apartments with additional payment conditions, then an assessment is needed in order to adequately assess the cost of the Adelaide Property Valuers objects and so that one of the parties does not remain in a big minus.

An appraisal of the apartment will also be required to resolve litigation. As an example, we can cite a situation where the heir must compensate other heirs who have not entered into their rights, their legal share. In this case, the assessment will help not to overpay and not infringe on anyone in the funds due to them.

Valuation types :

Real estate appraisal can be of several types – cadastral, market, liquidation and investment.

  1. Cadastral valuation is the price of a property set as part of the state valuation. It directly affects the amount of taxation. The price may be close to the market, but in fact it is not;
  2. The appraisal of the market value of real estate is, in simple terms, the price at which you can sell an apartment or house that you own. IT is determined by analyzing the market and comparing with similar offers in a particular area;
  3. Liquidation valuation allows you to determine the price of real estate, at which it can be sold as quickly as possible. As practice shows, the liquidation value is always less than the market value by 10-15%;
  4. Investment appraisal of real estate is relevant for entrepreneurs and people who want to profitably invest their money. It is important that the investment price must be higher than the market price – this is a guarantee of profit.

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